I found a Little Free Library that isn’t on the app. Is something broken?

There are a few reasons why a Little Free Library book exchange may not be listed in the LFL mobile app.

First, the book exchange may not be registered with the Little Free Library organization. The app can only display registered little libraries that have an official charter sign and charter number. Learn more about registration.

Second, the steward (aka the person who started the Little Free Library) may not have added their library’s location to the mobile app. It is up to the steward of each registered library to create an account in the app and set up their library’s listing. A steward may choose not to share their library’s location for a variety of reasons. For example, if the library is located at an elementary school there may be privacy concerns.

If you would like the location to be added to the map, speak with the steward! The steward is usually the owner of the property where the library has been installed. Have a conversation with them or leave a note inside the library encouraging the steward to add the location to the LFL app.

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