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Team LFL is the volunteer engagement initiative of Little Free Library. Team LFL connects both individual volunteers and community groups with opportunities to support the network of Little Free Libraries and programs. You can make a difference by expanding book access in your community. Join the team to help us achieve our vision of a Little Free Library in every community and a book for every reader!

How to Get Started as a Team LFL Volunteer

  1. Review the opportunities available at
  2. Register for an opportunity that fits your interests and schedule.
  3. Your registration will be processed and you will be connected with a Little Free Library steward (the caretaker of a book-sharing box) or community partner organization.
  4. For some volunteer roles, you will need to participate in a volunteer orientation. Orientations are self-paced and online. 
  5. Then you can begin volunteering and supporting Little Free Libraries!

Are you interested in creating your own Little Free Library? Get started here.

On average, the process to start volunteering typically takes 7-10 business days, though this may take longer depending on steward and community partner organization schedules. 

Sign up for a volunteer info session to learn more. You can also schedule one-on-one time with our Community Engagement Manager to learn about volunteering or partnering with us. Or, send us an email at

Individual Volunteering

Click a pin on the map to learn more about a volunteer opportunity.

Group Volunteering

Are you looking for a volunteer experience for a group of friends, team of colleagues, or youth group? We’d love to hear from you. With advance planning, we can tailor an experience to fit your group. Start the conversation by contacting us at 

Youth Volunteers

We’re excited to offer volunteer opportunities designed for youth under the age of 18. Whether it’s coordinating a book drive or distributing books throughout their communities, youth volunteers play a vital role in fostering a love for reading. Learn more about our youth volunteer opportunities here. Through our online volunteer hub, youth can verify their volunteer hours for school or youth groups. Parent/guardian permission is required for all youth volunteers under 18. 

If you’re a young volunteer who has a unique idea for a service project involving Little Free Libraries, contact us at


What is Team LFL?

Team LFL is the volunteer engagement initiative of Little Free Library. Team LFL connects volunteers and community groups with opportunities to support the network of Little Free Libraries and programs. Currently, volunteer opportunities are focused on our book-sharing boxes in the U.S.

Why was Team LFL created?

We started Team LFL because people want to support Little Free Library, but might not want to manage book-sharing boxes themselves. Team LFL volunteers are individuals and groups who assist stewards or our community partner organizations.

Little Free Library aims to expand book-sharing boxes in areas with limited access to books, known as book deserts. To sustainably maintain quality book boxes in these areas, we’re engaging Team LFL volunteers to maintain, stock, and support Little Free Libraries.

Of course, the need for sustainable Little Free Library support is not limited to libraries located in book deserts. Stewards anywhere in the U.S. can request volunteer support from Team LFL if they need it.

I’m already a Little Free Library steward. How do I fit into Team LFL?

Stewards are the heart of Little Free Library and we value the work that you do sharing books with your community.

If you’re comfortable maintaining your Little Free Library independently, that’s great! You are not required to create a Team LFL account or request Team LFL volunteers. However, if you’d like additional support with book supply or community literacy efforts, Team LFL is here to help. Request volunteer support by filling out this online form

Team LFL will also offer events and activities that stewards can choose to participate in. To be a part of these community engagement events, you’ll need to create a Team LFL account.

I (or a group I’m a part of) already volunteer to support Little Free Libraries in my community. Do we need to register with Team LFL?

Thank you for your support! We encourage you to tell us about your efforts using our Team LFL Impact form. This helps us better understand the widespread impact of Little Free Libraries and the volunteers who support them.

I am a Little Free Library steward. How do I get support from Team LFL volunteers?

If you have a registered Little Free Library, you can request help from Team LFL to keep your Little Free Library stocked with books. Staff will review your request before sharing it on the Team LFL website. We may contact you with follow up questions about your volunteer needs.

We recommend that stewards requesting volunteer support use our Little Free Library app to map their library so that volunteers can easily find the location.

While we will do our best to recruit volunteers, we cannot guarantee that a volunteer will respond. You know your community best. We encourage you to promote your Team LFL volunteer request locally. 

Our organization is a Little Free Library partner. How can Team LFL volunteers support our work?

Partner organizations can become affiliates in our Team LFL hub, recruiting volunteers for their own events or community needs.

Volunteer with Our Community Partners

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