Registration Process

1. Register Your Library

Registered libraries have an official charter sign and charter number.

Did you buy your Little Free Library from our online store? It is automatically registered and will come with a charter sign printed with a unique charter number.

Did you build your own book-sharing box? Register it by purchasing a charter sign. Your charter sign will be printed with a unique charter number that identifies your book-sharing box as a registered Little Free Library.

Your library’s charter number also grants you access to a network of benefits just for stewards!

2. Set Up Your Steward Account

Within one to three days of registering your Little Free Library, you will receive an email prompting you to set up your steward account. This email is sent to the person who purchased the library or charter sign. Choose your username and password, confirm your email address, and you’re ready to go!

3. Map Your Library

Once you have set up your steward account, you have the option to add your library’s location to the world map and manage all of its details in real time. Your library will not appear on the map unless you add it. To map your library, log in through the Little Free Library app or steward web portal, fill in your library’s information, and set its Map Status to Mapped. You may remove your library from the map at any time.

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