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Have you seen this jaw-dropping Little Free Library in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho? Steward Sharalee Armitage Howard transformed a 110-year-old cottonwood tree in her front yard into this masterpiece. Read more. (And to see more creative Little Libraries, sign up for our newsletter!)

Special Offer

Save 10% on select Libraries and save 50% on select accessories! You could save up to $36 on two of our newest bestsellers, the Metal Two Story Red and the Two Story Modern Unfinished. Plus we’re offering deep discounts on handy accessories like the Brochure Box—ideal for storing bookmarks or flyers for your Library visitors. Shop all special offers now.


Little Free Library Creator Todd H. Bol passed away on October 18, 2018. As we welcome the new year, we remember the wonderful legacy that Todd left behind: a network of Little Free Library stewards 75,000 strong who carry on his vision of community and book sharing every day. Learn more.

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We appreciate those who help bring our mission to life and we’re grateful for the recognition that inspires us. View all.

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