Honor Wall

Honor your loved one by making an honorary or memorial gift to Little Free Library! When you make an honorary gift of $50 or more, you may share a story on the Honor Wall below. It’s a lasting and heartfelt way to pay tribute to someone special, and it will support Little Free Library’s mission to build stronger communities, improve literacy, and expand book access for all.

In of
Edith Hightower

Our dear friend and educator said, “It’s my responsibility
to teach, respect, and share enthusiasm for all learning processes to all stakeholders, educators, parents, and
most importantly MY students.” RIP

Submitted by Dorothy Jones
In of
Susy Brokaw

In celebration of the life of Aunt Susy. Give a child a book.

Submitted by Kim Woolley
In of
Ralph'EL Hines

The power of reading can transform a child. This power can be shared. The same power a book has for one child, it can have for many.

Submitted by Susan Hines
In of
Bethany Smagacz

Bethany, with her uniquely kind and generous heart, was cherished by her family. My heart was warmed by each story shared by her doting father Larry the last several decades.

Submitted by Katy Kinney Harris
In of
Sybil Garden

Wishing a very happy first birthday to Sybil Eleanor our sweet little granddaughter ! We love you little princess and your beautiful and contagious smile. Nana and Grandpa!

Submitted by Sharon Garden
In of
Elenore Buchanan

Our mother Elenore passed on her love of books to her children and grandchildren. Now she is passing that love to her great granddaughter Sybil Eleanor on her first birthday!

Submitted by Sharon Garden
In of
Elizabeth Nedrow

In memory of Nina Borens Larson. Not a quilter but a wonderful friend to the Honeybees.

Submitted by Elizabeth Nedrow
In of
Judy Haugen

You deserve an entire library wing in your honor!
We used our imaginations and decided we would honor you with a LITTLE FREE LIBRARY.

Our Love-
Scott and Stephanie

Submitted by Stephanie Osman
In of
Elaine Alvarez

My mother taught me the importance of books and was always dropping me off at the library. “Books will take you places beyond your dreams “

Submitted by Anna Jorgensen
In of
Wyatt Reed

Happy birthday Wyatt!!! I can’t wait for you to meet up all your friends at the library and go on tons of adventures together!

Submitted by Summer Klein
In of
Ryan McCree

In memory of Ryan Andrew McRee, 32, an avid reader who always wanted to share his love of learning with others. It is with love that we pass this torch.

Submitted by WENDYN CADDEN
In of
Gerald and Timothy Shebib

Dedicated to Gerald and Timothy in celebration of their graduations from the University of Waterloo (2021) and Wilfrid Laurier University (2022). Congratulations! We are so proud, and we love you.

Submitted by Donna Tiqui-Shebib
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