Impact Library Program

More than 30 million adults cannot read above a third-grade level in the U.S. today. Studies have repeatedly shown that access to books is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. Enter Little Free Library book exchanges! Through the Impact Library Program, we provide no-cost Little Free Libraries to communities where books are scarce.

95% of Impact Library recipients report that they are providing access to books to people who have little-to-no access to books elsewhere. Make a gift to support the program today.

Indigenous Library Program

The literacy statistics in Indigenous communities are alarming—Indigenous youth often post the lowest reading achievement scores nationwide. Book access is a particularly prevalent challenge in tribal communities.

We work with Indigenous community leaders to place Little Free Libraries on tribal lands. We aim to support positive literacy outcomes by increasing book access where it’s needed most. Donate to support the program today.

Read in Color

Read in Color® brings diverse books to Little Free Library book-sharing boxes around the world, aiming to provide perspectives on racism and social justice; celebrate BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized voices; and incorporate experiences from all identities for all readers.

Get involved right away by signing the Read in Color pledge or starting a Read in Color Little Free Library stocked with diverse books.

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