My Little Free Library is listed in the app but it doesn’t exist anymore. What do I do?

If your Little Free Library has been taken down permanently, you will need to change its Map Status to remove it from Little Free Library’s app and web map.

In the app, tap the My Library section of the main menu. If you steward more than one little library, you will see a list of all of your little libraries on this screen. Tap on the library you would like to edit. Then tap Edit Library Info. Scroll down to the Map Status field. This is the field that controls whether your library is visible on the app map and web map. If that field is set to Mapped, then your library is visible.

You may also change it to any of the following statuses which will remove your library from public view: Pending, Opted Out of Map, Taken Down Temporarily, Taken Down Permanently. You can change the Map Status of your library at any time. If your library has been taken down permanently, then select the Taken Down Permanently status.

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