Can I add a Little Free Library to the app and web map without setting up an account?

You do not have to set up an account. However, without an account you will not have access to most of the steward features available in the app. You also will not be able to easily edit your library’s information after you submit it. We strongly encourage you to set up a free steward account if possible.

Accounts are free and let you easily make changes to your library’s listing in the app and web map. With an account, you can quickly update your library’s photos or story; change your library’s address; edit your contact information; and much more.

If you don’t want to set up an account, you may fill out the Add Your Library to the World Map form. After you submit the form, a Little Free Library staff member will review it. We will email you within three business days to let you know that your library is listed on our web map and in the app. Your library will display basic information such as its address, GPS coordinates, story, and up to two photos. All other features like social media links, announcements, location hints, additional photos, etc. are only available if you set up a steward account.

You can choose to set up an account at any time. Just be sure that the email address you use to set up your account is the same one that you entered when you filled out the Add Your Library to the World Map form. If you have any trouble setting up an account, please contact us.

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