Registration Process

Register Your Library

Is your Library registered? Registered Libraries have an official charter sign and charter number.

When you register, there is a one-time payment of around $40 to get an official charter sign, engraved with a unique charter number. You also gain access to a network of benefits just for registered stewards and may legally call your book exchange box a Little Free Library.

Libraries purchased through are automatically registered; a charter sign and number is included with the Library. If you built your own Library or got one from a local builder, then you will need to register separately. Click the button below to start enjoying the benefits of registration!

Add Your Library to the World Map

If you have already registered your Library and know your charter number, you can now add your Library to the world map! Just fill out this online form.

Remember, a charter sign and number are included with Libraries purchased through

If you built your own Library, then you first need to register and purchase a charter sign before you can add it to the map and enjoy the benefits of being a registered steward.

Do you need a charter sign and number? Register and purchase a charter sign here.

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