Registration Process

How to Register a Little Free Library

Registered libraries have an official charter sign and charter number. You register by purchasing a charter sign for your library. Your charter sign will be engraved with a unique charter number, which is important! Your charter number identifies your book-sharing box as a registered Little Free Library. Your charter number also grants you, as the library steward, access to a network of benefits just for registered stewards.

Libraries purchased through our online store are automatically registered; a charter sign and number is included with the library. If you built your own library or got one from a local builder, then you will need to register separately. Click the button below to start enjoying the benefits of registration!

How to Add a Little Free Library to the World Map

If you have already registered your library by purchasing a charter sign and you know your charter number, you can now add your library to the world map! Just fill out this online form.

Remember, a charter sign and number are included with libraries purchased through our online store. If you built your own library, then you first need to register and purchase a charter sign before you can add it to the map and enjoy the benefits of being a registered steward.

Do you need a charter sign and number? Register by purchasing a charter sign here.

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