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If you find a library and it is not on the world map, then it may not be registered with our organization. We may not know it exists. Approach the nearest home or business and ask to talk the library caretaker. Encourage him/her to register and get an official charter sign and number.

It’s easy to register. Here is what to do:

  1. Register and take advantage of our network of support services. There is a one-time payment of about $40 per library to register by purchasing a charter sign. In addition to a charter sign, you’ll receive a steward’s packet of tips and advice, the option to add your library to the world map, access to a private Facebook support group, discounted or free books through our partners, and more. Remember, you only need to register if you are building your own library. If you bought a library through our online store, a charter sign and steward’s packet are automatically included in your purchase.
  2. Optional: add your library to the world map. Your charter sign will be engraved with a unique charter number. Once you know your charter number, you may add your library to the world map. This is when you can tell us where the library is located, share the story behind it, and upload photos.

To list your library’s location on our world map, your library must be registered with an official charter sign on it. If you built your own library, you need to register by purchasing a charter sign. If you purchased a library through our online store, then a charter sign is automatically included with your purchase, though it may ship separately from your library.

Once you have a charter sign, engraved with a unique charter number, on your library, fill out the add your library to the world map form and we will add your location to our map within three business days.

Nope. You have the choice to share your name and email, or not, when you add your library to the world map. But consider creating a separate email address just for your little library. Sharing your email address is helpful. Visitors may want to reach out to you, or publishers may want to donate books to your library.

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Use the search options directly above our world map to pick your search criteria, then hit the Search button. If you’re having trouble, watch our 2-minute video on how to use the map.

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Your first option is to leave your library behind when you move. If your neighbors love the library and it gets lots of visitors where it is, the best move might be to let it stay behind.

If you decide to do this, be sure to talk to the new homeowners to make sure that they know what the library is, and that they are willing to take care of it. Also make sure that the new homeowners fill out an add/update your library on the map form with their contact information as the new stewards. That will update our records, as well as the world map. You might also want to encourage them to join our mailing list so that we can welcome them to the network and give them some tips to get started.

Your second option is to leave the library behind, but find a new location or steward for it. You might find that your new homeowner doesn’t want to be a little library steward. If that’s the case, reach out to local schools, community centers, the parks department, and service groups like Girl and Boy Scouts, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and 4-H clubs to see if anyone would be interested in hosting the library. It’s usually not too difficult to find someone who wants a little library!

Your third option is to take the library with you and install it at your new home. Remember to update our world map with your library’s new location by filling out an add/update your library on the world map form.

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