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When Action Book Club members share their experiences, they help spark positive actions around the country, resulting in a ripple effect of good works. Here are a few of our favorite stories from the Action Book Club’s pilot program.

Grand Coteau, Louisiana
Book: Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña
Action: Collecting new socks for those in need

In Louisiana, Alysson Foti Bourque led an Action Book Club for elementary students in pre-K through 4th grade at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. They collected more than 100 pairs of new socks for a homeless shelter and a center for abused women. (Since it happened in October, they called their project “Socktober”!)

“This was such a rewarding experience where we all had an important part of the ‘action,’” says Alysson, herself a children’s book author. “All the kids worked together to help the community in need, and the shelters were so thankful for the kind gesture.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Book: One Hundred Shadows by Hwang Jungeun
Action: Volunteering for a city bike patrol program

Joining the Action Book Club is a great way for existing book clubs to give back to the community. This book club, which had already been running for two years, volunteered for the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail patrol program, which monitors a five-mile long urban bike trail that cuts through many neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

“By keeping eyes on the bike trail, we’re helping ensure the safety of other trail users and neighborhood residents. It is a great way to be a Minneapolis ‘good neighbor,’” say Sage Dahlen and Will Wlizlo, the founding members of their club.

Bellingham, Washington
Book: Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña
Action: Raising money for a local aquarium

Your Action Book Club doesn’t need to be big to make an impact. Eowyn Savela and her sons Harald and Theodore have a book club group of three. Their good deed? Harald, age seven, ran a free lemonade stand that accepted donations for the Marine Life Center, a local aquarium. (They also host a Little Free Library book exchange in their front yard.)

“I thought it would be fun, and it was!” says Harald. “I really like the aquarium. I might want to be a marine biologist when I grow up.”


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