Simran Adnani, sitting on her mom’s lap at the Prem Sabha school in Sangrur, Punjab, India.

Action Book Clubs across the country are combining reading with community service—and having fun along the way! In this series, we’re highlighting some of our favorite reading groups. To find out how you can start an Action Book Club of your own visit the program’s web page.


Action Book Club Location: Troy, MI
Good Read: If My Mom Were a Platypus: Mammal Babies and Their Mothers by Dia L. Michels
Good Deed: 
Sharing books with students in India

Five-year-old Simran Adnani loves to read. She is both an Action Book Club member and a Little Free Library steward. When she had the opportunity to travel to India with her mom, she knew that sharing books would be part of the trip.

“It is a lot of fun to share my joy of reading with others,” Simran says. “As a Little Library steward, I have been fortunate to share more and more books with my community, but as a Action Book Club member, I can actually read wonderful books with other kids. My neighbors come over all the time to read about Indian mythology with me and are always looking forward to our next read.”

“I am very passionate about reading a variety of books, and when I was planning my first trip to India, I decided to share the book I was reading with my mom at home with the kids in a very poor rural school in India,” says Simran. “Last year, I raised $250 to send books to this school and this year I got to actually visit the school myself and donate the book If My Mom were a Platypus to the schoolchildren in addition to school supplies that I raised with my friends. I also performed a hands-on activity to teach proper hand hygiene to these kids. It was lot of fun.”

Simran (right) teaching hand hygiene.

The biggest challenge for Simran’s Action Book Club activity? Traveling to the school!

“After the eighteen-hour flight to India, I had to take a five-hour bus to a city and then another two-hour car ride to reach this very small rural school in Sangrur, Punjab,” she says. “The name of the school is ‘Prem Sabha,’ which means ‘Loving Community.’ The kids were very poor, but they had the biggest smiles on their faces.”

We’re so proud of Simran, who is making a difference in others’ lives at such a young age. She offers this advice for Action Book Club members young and old: “Follow your passion. I hope to keep sharing my passion of reading with others. My next passion is to empower my peers and myself to read more STEM books.”

Way to go, Simran—and happy 6th birthday this month!


February 26, 2020

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