Little Free Library World Map

The Little Free Library map is below! If you’re looking for Little Free Library locations near you, then you’re in the right spot. Click a button in the Library Search Tool below to search for libraries nearby or around the world.

Tips to use the map below:

  1. The map does not automatically display any Little Free Library locations. You must first enter search criteria and click the Search button.
  2. Not all neighborhood book boxes will display on this map. Only registered little libraries whose stewards have opted to share their library locations will display.
  3. Use a current, popular browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and make sure your browser allows pop-ups for
  4. Allow several seconds for the map to load.
  5. Use your mouse to move the map around to see all of the information.
  6. Open the map in a larger window if you wish.
  7. Having trouble? Make sure your phone or browser didn’t add extra spaces to the end of your search terms, which can cause errors. Watch our 2-minute video on how to search the map. Or see the FAQs below for answers to common questions about the map.
  8.  If you have a registered Little Free Library and wish to add it to the map, click here.

Little Free Library Map and Search Tool

Little Free Library World Map FAQs

For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit the FAQs page. Click on the + symbol next to each question below to reveal the answer.

How do I use this map?

Use the search options directly above the map to pick your search criteria, then hit the Search button. Make sure your phone or browser didn’t add a space to the end of your search terms. That’s a common issue that can cause the map to return no results. If you continue to have trouble, watch our 2-minute video on how to use the map.

Why are some book exchanges in my area missing from this map?

Registered Little Free Library stewards must choose to share their locations on this map by filling out an Add your Library to the World Map form. Some stewards do not wish to share their locations on this map, and therefore are not listed.

A book exchange must also be registered with an official charter sign and number in order to be displayed on this map; if a book exchange is not registered, it is not eligible to be displayed on this map.

Why can't I get the NEAR ME search to work?

The NEAR ME search option requires your current location to work. Check your browser settings. Make sure that you allow to use your current location and allow pop-ups and redirects. You can check your browser settings by clicking the small lock icon in the URL bar at the top of the webpage. After you’ve updated your browser settings, refresh the page and try the search again.

If you’re still having trouble, try opening the map in full-screen view. Check your browser settings again to make sure you allow the webpage to use your location. Then refresh the page and try the NEAR ME search again.

What is a charter sign and charter number?

A charter sign is a wooden or aluminum sign that is engraved with a unique charter number. You must know your charter number to add your Library to the world map and access other benefits of registration.

If you built your Library or purchased it from a builder or organization that is not the national Little Free Library organization, you will need to register and purchase a charter sign. Here are examples of charter signs.

How do I change information about my Library if it is already on the map?

It’s simple! Just fill out the Add/Update your Library on the World Map form again. Enter the most up-to-date information about your Library on the form.

For example, if you moved and the Library has a new address, then you will want to enter the new address on the form. If the Library has a new steward, then you should enter the new steward’s contact information on the form. If you have new photos, upload them to the form and submit it.

Why can I only see GPS coordinates for some Libraries?

Each steward chooses how much contact information they would like to share on the world map. If a steward does not want to share the street address of the Library on the world map, then only GPS coordinates will appear.

My Library was on the old map, so why isn't it on this one?

When we transitioned to the current world map, we were only able to pull over a small number of the locations from the old world map to the new one. We sent a message to our mailing list asking stewards to re-submit their information to the new world map, but we know that some stewards did not get the message.

If your Library should be on the world map, please fill out an Add your Library to the World Map form to add it back on. Mapping requests are approved on average in three business days.

Why can't I search by country using United States or USA?

We’ve recently reached a point where there are so many Libraries on the world map in the USA, and the map can’t load all of the data! We’re working to get this issue fixed.

Can I open the map in a larger window?

Yes, you can! There is a link directly below the map, or just click to open the Little Free Library world map in a larger window.

How can I take my Library off the map?

If your Library is currently on our world map and you need to remove it, either temporarily or permanently, please contact us. Be sure to tell us your Library’s charter number when you contact us and we will remove it for you and also let you know how you can add it back to the map in the future.

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