Impact Library Program Steward Stories, December 2023

By Sarah Nelson

Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program provides no-cost Little Free Library book-sharing boxes to underserved communities where they can make a meaningful impact on book access and literacy engagement. This month we heard from two stewards who were previously granted libraries through our Impact Library Program and wanted to share their stories.

Additionally, we granted 25 Impact Library Packages to applicants from schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations in December 2023. These new Little Free Libraries will be expanding book access from Cedar Rapids, IA to Waipahu, HI and many areas in between! Learn more about where we’ve placed Impact Library Program awards over the years.

Jetson B. — #183276 in West Palm Beach, FL

“We were granted an impact library for the Westgate Community. Since we put the library up I’ve witnessed so many people looking through and taking home books. Kids are especially excited about the library. I’ve see elementary aged siblings running down the sidewalk to see who will get to the library first. The smiles on their faces while they walk home with their new books are priceless. I think that this library is really helping this small community to engage in reading.”

Lucia G. — #171205 in Chicago, IL

“I have really enjoyed having a library in front of my home and watching families that are out on walks stop to look inside. It is special when someone finds a book they like and walks away happily. There was a library a few blocks away that was destroyed by vandalism and it made me very sad. I am hopeful that if I love and care for my library the same thing will not happen.”

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