Native Library Initiative

The Native Library Initiative began as a branch of the Impact Library Program, where we grant no-cost little libraries where they’re needed most. The Native Library Initiative focused on placing book-sharing boxes in Native communities.

Little Free Library began a pilot project in 2018 to increase book access on tribal lands with generous support from Amerigroup/Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. We also partnered with the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries & Museums (ATALM), hosting a Little Free Library build at the 2018 conference and giving away libraries at the 2018 and 2019 conferences.

A total of 96 Little Free Library book-sharing boxes were placed on tribal lands through the Native Library Initiative! One recipient was teacher-librarian Duane Yazzie in Window Rock, Arizona. He says, “Our Little Free Libraries (four in total) are all … served by the Window Rock Unified School District. We established [these libraries] to celebrate and encourage a love of reading among community members and visitors to our area. Essentially, we want to positively and meaningfully impact and transform lives and our surrounding communities. It has reawakened a love of reading among various community members young and old.”

Support the Indigenous Library Program

In 2022, we developed the Indigenous Library Program to grant little libraries to improve access to books where Indigenous people are located in the United States and Canada. If you know of a Native community where books are scarce, please encourage them to apply for an Indigenous Library Program grant.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning how to take part, become a partner, or provide financial support.

Donate today and your gift will help provide little libraries where they are needed most!

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