Indigenous Library Program Steward Story, June 2024

By Sarah Nelson

Little Free Library’s Indigenous Library Program provides no-cost Little Free Library boxes full of books to Indigenous communities with limited book access. This month we heard from a steward who was previously granted a library through our Indigenous Library Program and wanted to share their story.

Additionally, we granted 15 Indigenous Library Packages to applicants from schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations in June.

Lacey S. — Riverton, MB, Canada

“Nestled on a quiet street in Riverton, Manitoba, Canada, you can find Pchi Roozh Library. In English: ‘Little Red Library.’ As a Red River Métis citizen, I am thankful in being given the opportunity to help provide my hometown with access to literature 24/7 through the Indigenous Library Program. While the library may be ‘little,’ it sure is a mighty impactful feeling being able to provide an inclusive space in the community that houses books by Indigenous authors and more!

Pchi Roozh Library has brought people of all ages out in the community to enjoy the fresh air while walking down to the library to exchange a book. I really enjoy hearing that one of the pastimes of the neighbouring daycare is to walk down and pick up a book for the children to read. I look forward to one day installing a bench for our visitors to sit and enjoy a great story or two from Pchi Roozh Library. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to share the love of reading!”

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