Impact Library Program Steward Stories, September 2023

By Sarah Nelson

Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program provides no-cost Little Free Library book-sharing boxes to underserved communities where they can make a meaningful impact on book access and literacy engagement. This month we heard from two stewards who were previously granted libraries through our Impact Library Program and wanted to share their stories.

Additionally, we granted 29 Impact Library Packages to applicants from schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations in September 2023. These new Little Free Libraries will be expanding book access from Waterford, CA to Huntington, WV and many areas in between! Learn more about where we’ve placed Impact Library Program awards over the years.

Jennifer D. — #171162 in Conewango Valley, NY

“I launched the opening of the Little Free Library on Thursday, September 7th. It is drawing much excitement in my community! I’ve attached a picture of it. So many people have been stopping and I’ve been checking it every morning and restocking. I ordered many books from Better World Books a couple days ago and they’ve already shipped. Quite a few people have offered to donate books already. So far everything is running smoothly with it and I’ve mapped it too. I’ve shared posts on social media platforms and made sure to tag the Little Free Library (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) Thank you for following up, and I’m very proud to have the Little Free Library on my property for everyone’s enjoyment!”

Taryn C. — #168039 in Washington, D.C.

“I have been very interested in hosting a free little library for years! This year we were finally selected. The library is up and functioning and already in use. I am looking forward to how this library will service the community in the future.”

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