Bookish Little Free Library Designs

By Sarah Nelson

There are some pretty creatively designed Little Free Library book-sharing boxes out there. When planning and building a custom library, it makes sense to choose a design that relates your interests. For many of us Little Free Library stewards and fans, books are our interest, hence the library! We’ve rounded up some fun Little Free Library designs that incorporate books.

Book Cover Roof

Any Little Free Library roof can be transformed into an open book with a little imagination and creativity! These stewards simply painted some pages beneath the roof’s overhang.


This steward took the idea of a book cover roof one step further by collaging artwork from a bunch of book covers together and attaching to her Little Free Library’s roof! Learn how she did it.


Miniature Bookshop

These stewards took inspiration from their favorite fictional bookshops (shoutout to You’ve Got Mail and Harry Potter!) for their Little Free Library designs. Why not transform your Little Free Library into a Little Free Bookstore? When it comes to making your book-sharing box into a miniature building, the possibilities are endless!


Book Spine Design

This is such a fun, creative, and easy way to incorporate your favorite books into your Little Free Library design! Simply paint on the book spine designs, or take it a step further by cutting the books out of wood and attaching those designed book spines to your book-sharing box. Which books would you include in your book spine design?


One Big Book

Of course the ultimate bookworm move would be to make your Little Free Library into one giant book! Holy cow, how cool is that? The detail of the book pages and the rounded book spine are super impressive. Can we make a duplicate to keep in the house??


Find a Little Free Library near you using our world map or mobile app, and learn more about starting a Little Free Library of your own.

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