MaMere’s Little Free Library; A Victorian Lego Library

By Megan Hanson

MaMere’s Little Free Library, built from over 2,500 LEGO pieces, is a replica of MaMere’s Victorian guest house. The guest house, located in Willamette Valley, Oregon, is operated by Emily and her brother Eli, with some help from other family members.

Emily spent her childhood reading and building a LEGO reality show. For MaMere’s Guest House, she wanted to capture the essence of the bed and breakfast with legos.

Her uncle, a Little Free Library connoisseur, encouraged her to build a library. To come up with ideas for the library, Emily used a computer program to build LEGOS virtually. Once she had a plan, she got to work building the library. The entire project took eight months of sorting and building.

The LEGO library also features some details of their historic house, such as scaled-down rocking chairs, roses, clawfoot tubs, and porch lights. The Guest House staff members and Emily’s friends have mini LEGO look-alikes in the library.

In addition to having a unique little library, Emily also holds scavenger hunts every month, especially during holidays. The scavenger hunts usually have a theme that is represented in the LEGO library. Emily has hosted many themed hunts, including the Fourth of July, Halloween, Lord of the Rings, Cats, and more.

For the scavenger hunts, Emily attaches a laminated paper to the side of the library with a fun introductory paragraph. She includes a list of items that are located inside the library and visitors can try to find them all!

As part of the celebration of the 130th birthday of Historic Howell House (now called MaMere’s Guest House), Emily’s LEGO library is birthday-themed. The library has an attached scavenger hunt and a crankable lego Ferris Wheel to boot!

Emily asks anyone who visits the library to take a photo and tag @mameresguesthouse on Instagram! You can find more information about the library on MaMere’s Guest House website. The library, charter #104484, is listed on the Little Free Library world map.

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