On National Day of Unplugging, Go on a Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt

By Margret Aldrich

We’ve all been tangled up with our technology long enough, thanks to the pandemic. It’s time for a big stretch and a break! Little Free Library is proud to partner with the National Day of Unplugging as they celebrate their 12th year helping people take a break from their devices. On the weekend of March 5-6, neighborhood no-contact scavenger hunts—featuring Little Free Libraries—will be popping up all over! 

With schools and indoor businesses closed in many parts of the world, Little Free Libraries offer a way to keep the love of reading alive and get out of the house in a safe, socially distant way.    

Alexandra MacDonald, the steward of Little Free Library #20834 in Toronto, Ontario, decided it would be fun to do a neighborhood walking treasure hunt. She found that kids weren’t the only ones who enjoyed it—grownups were looking for something different to do on a walk, too. Now, the National Day of Unplugging and Little Free Library are helping these hunts come to a neighborhood near you!

How does a Little Free Library scavenger hunt work? Clues and riddles are taped to participating Little Free Libraries, and you explore your neighborhood looking for all of them. You may find other surprises along the way—and books, of course! At the end of your hunt, go to the National Day of Unplugging website to check your answers and get a link to a special story-time video by the Nocturnals series author Tracey Hecht. (Hint: some of the clues may involve nighttime creatures, big and small.)

Want to find or coordinate a hunt in your area? Check out the National Day of Unplugging for more information and to see what locations are participating near you. If there isn’t already a scavenger hunt in your area, contact info@nationaldayofunplugging.com to coordinate one for your neighborhood. They have a step-by-step guide with ready-made clues, flyers, and tips to make it easy. You can also check out the NDU website for a list of other fun and screen-free activities you can explore on National Day of Unplugging.

Starting a Little Free Library is a great screen-free project any time of year! Learn how.

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