7 Cheap and Creative Ways to Expand your Little Free Library Book-Sharing Box

By Megan Hanson

A wagon is a convenient and easy way to add more book storage to your Little Free Library book-exchange. Keep it in the garage and wheel it out whenever you want! Image credit: @rebeccaedicola

You figured out how to start a Little Free Library book exchange, and things are going well, but you’ve got a problem: too many books! Many Little Free Library volunteer stewards quickly realize that their neighbors are sharing more books than their library can hold. What can you do?

One option is to add a bookshelf or storage bin to your garage where you can keep excess books. That keeps things tidy and if your little library is ever low on books, you’ll easily be able to refill it.

Another option is to expand your Little Free Library book-sharing box to hold more books. (Some stewards add Mini-Shed libraries as annexes for kids books.) We have lots of Little Free Library plans you could follow to build additional book-sharing boxes. Though if that feels like too big of a project, never fear! We’ve got cheap and creative ways to expand your library below. Hover your mouse or click on any image below to reveal more information.

Storage bins (duh!) are perfect for book overflow.
Image credit: @norneither on Instagram
Use Mini-Shed Libraries to create annexes for kids.
Image credit: @sioux_cres_lfl on Instagram
Stack book-sharing boxes on top of each other to get more book storage.
A mini-cooler and vintage wooden box are both great for extra book storage.
A wagon could be a mobile library or extra storage!
Image credit: @rebeccaedicola on Instagram.
Stacked microwaves double as street art and extra book-sharing space.
Image credit: @arslinker on Instagram
Repurpose an old appliance to store extra books (and keep it out of a landfill, too)!
Image credit: Boan Close Bizzy Bee Library on Facebook.
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