10 Incredible Handwritten Notes Found in Little Free Libraries

By Margret Aldrich

Forget emails, texts, tweets, and posts. When you start a Little Free Library, the best kind of message you can receive is a handwritten note from a Library visitor.

Little Free Library volunteer stewards give back to their communities by sharing books and inspiring a love of reading. In return, they receive an abundance of gifts, too, from meeting more neighbors to connecting with other registered Little Free Library stewards around the world.

But one of the most meaningful rewards of having a Little Free Library happens when someone jots down a simple thank-you note and leaves it in your Library. Here are ten of our favorites—some heartbreaking, some humorous, all uplifting.

1. Making Books Fun 

A Little Free Library can charm even the most reluctant of readers, according to this note.

“Thanks for the books. P.S. You are a life changer. I used to not like reading. You made it fun.”

2. A New Reader, Age 46

It’s never too late to learn to read. This heartwarming note was found in a Little Free Library in New Orleans.

“Thank You who ever you are for have-ing the book box. I’m 46 I learned to read 4 yrs ago & the libary how ever its spelled is to far. I just moved from Maine so I don’t know a lot of places. So Again Thank You! From a Neiphor spelled wrong sorry”

3. A Homeless Reader

Because it can be difficult for someone without a home address to get a public library card, a Little Free Library can provide a special service to homeless readers.

“I currently live on the streets, and sometimes wish I had a good book to read. Thank you for the reading!!!”

4. Heaven in a Crazy World

A Little Free Library can feel like a beacon of kindness, even when everything around you is off the rails. This note says it all.

“Thank you for this little piece of heaven in a really crazy world!! –Stacy P.”

5. The Little Library Made Me Do It

Tweenager Suzie H. wasn’t into reading until she discovered the neighborhood Little Free Library.

“This little library made me read for almost 5 hours. It was amazing and this is coming from 12 year old girl.”

6. Simple Kindness

In its small way, a Little Free Library can show care and support for its visitors.

“I come from the North End & I love this idea. I am homeless and needing to know my blessing so from Ruth thank you.”

7. Bring Back the Books 

When one Little Free Library steward took her Library down for repairs, she got this adorable request to bring it back.

“Dear Lady, Please can you put up the cute little book house. I miss the books. Love, Cassidy”

8. Remembering a Loved One

A serendipitous book find in a Little Free Library brings back family memories for one reader.

“My grandmother first introduced me to Leo Buscaglia. She passed away in 1996. Reading Seven Stories of Christmas Love was like sitting down with my grandma again and swapping stories. Thank you! –Melody”

9. The Best Neighbors

Every week, we hear about Little Free Library stewards receiving anonymous thank-you notes like this one, which comes from a Little Library in Palo Alto, California.

“Dear Neighbor, I just want to leave special wishes for a Happy New Year with my thanks to you for providing us with the Little Free Library! This has been such a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, and I am deeply grateful. I see it being used all the time, and I look forward to checking it almost daily. Thank you! You are wonderful! –A grateful reader/walker”

10. Pay It Forward

Even the youngest readers can learn valuable lessons about kindness and giving back when they visit a Little Free Library.

“Thank you for the book. Here is one of mine. –Claire”

Did you know that two out of three children living in poverty have no books to call their own? When you donate to Little Free Library, you help us bring Little Libraries full of books to neighborhoods where books are scarce. Thank you!

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