Surprise! Guess Who Actually Uses Little Libraries

By Megan Hanson

Paula Carey’s Little Library

Who actually uses Little Free Libraries? It’s a good question. When you put up a Library, are you actually affecting anybody?

These little boxes of joy are sprouting up like flowers all around the world. It is exactly the grassroots, free sharing nature of Little Libraries that make it hard to provide black and white statistics about how many people they reach and who those people are.

Just for fun, Little Free Library steward Paula Carey put a small camera near her Library in Victoria, British Columbia for several months. Just to see who (if anyone) was stopping by.

The results are amazing. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

The footage was taken over a span of a few months after the Library opened in February 2014.

Paula reported that her Library easily rotates 100 books per week during the busy summer season and added, “I think there is a lot to learn from that film…how people slow down, feel safe and how they make it part of their walk, and for many a surprise.”

So judge for yourself…is her Little Library making a difference?

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