People of Little Free Library

We really consider every single steward who cares for a Little Free Library as part of our team, but obviously it would not work to list them all here (our World map is the best place to find them). There is, however, a small group of folks “behind the scenes” who got this concept and organization rolling and are working hard to support the growth and health of the worldwide network. They include:

The Founders of the Little Free Library Movement

Todd Bol - Co-Founder and Executive Director
Todd Bol

Rick Brooks - Co-Founder and Chair Rick Brooks

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Besides being Co-founder of the Little Free Library movement, Todd also serves as our Executive Director. Todd has had an extremely diverse career – he founded and served as president of Care-Forth, Inc.; was founder/CEO/ President of the Global Scholarship Alliance; was a global countertrade consultant, sales manager in corporate trade for 3M, and a public school teacher. Todd’s particular genius is in envisioning creative new models and approaches for business and community.


As Co-founder, Rick’s energy and expertise in marketing, communications and community development helped create a worldwide awareness for Little Free Libraries. Rick retired from his staff position with Little Free Library in April 2014, but continues to incorporate promotion of the Little Free Library mission wherever his travels take him. Rick served two decades an outreach program manager in Continuing Studies at the UW-Madison before retiring from his position 2013, and prior to that has either founded or served as executive with numerous local and international organizations.

Board of Directors:

Brian MacKenzie - Chair of Little Free LibraryBrian MacKenzie

Kristin Davis - Secretary of the Board
Kristin Davis

Monnie McMahon

Chair of Little Free Library
Brian is the President of Blastrac Global headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  Blastrac Global is the world’s leading manufacturer of branded equipment used in portable surface preparation of steel and concrete. Brian is a founding board member of Little Free Library.
Secretary of the Board
Kristin is a lawyer with the National Conference of Bar Examiners with more than a decade of service at the University of Wisconsin and Harvard Law School’s offices of career services.  She is also among the first Little Free Library stewards in Madison Wisconsin, and was a founding board member.
Board Member
Monnie is a senior technology professional focusing on clarifying complex ideas and bringing them to fruition.  Her specialty is banking currently working for Wells Fargo where she started in 2006.  Prior to this she was Director, Corporate Services for ReliaStar Life.

Monnie McMahon
Jim Cosgrove

Monnie McMahon
Matt Ludt

Jim is an expert in financial matters, particularly forensic accounting.  He has extensive experience in the industry having been employed by APEX Analytix for the past 20 years.
Board Member
Matt is an attorney in the Minneapolis/St Paul and Western Wisconsin areas focusing on divorce and family law.  Matt has been employed by Atticus Family Law since 2012 and has been involved with the River Market Community Co-op as Vice President and President on the Board of Directors since 2009.  Previous to this Matt held various positions in the law field.

Ex-officio Members:

Todd Bol

Melissa Eystad


Monnie McMahon
Casey Dawson

Elizabeth Kennedy - Art Director
Melissa Eystad

Megan Hanson- Library Development Specialist
Megan Hanson

Shop Supervisor - Repair and Design
Casey is our all-around handyperson in the studio, responsible for prepping signs for shipment, fixing up donated libraries for their new forever homes, and getting them ready for shipment. She’s honed her building and creative skills in several businesses in the Hudson, WI area over nearly 20 years.
Director of Organizational Development

Melissa has extensive experience in nonprofit management, volunteer development and philanthropy.  She also serves as the founder and president of World Spirit Consulting. Melissa was a founding board member of Little Free Library, and still serves in an ex-officio capacity on the board. In her staff role, she takes care of human resources, internal planning and communications, board support, fundraising and grant coordination, and in general, herding cats!

Email: meystad(at)

Community & Online Engagement Lead

Megan joined Little Free Library in 2012 to help us respond to the overwhelming flow of inquiries and requests we began receiving as we got going. Since then she’s become a master of all (or at least many) of the critical tasks that face a growing nonprofit – social media, steward relations, technology, and product development and promotion. Megan’s background includes experience as a literacy tutor, customer service and events planner.

Email: mphanson(at)

Kris Huson

Shelby King

Jim Mercier - Accounting and Information Systems Manager
Jim Mercier

Director of Marketing and Communications
Kris joined Little Free Library in December 2014, and oversees media relations, social media, fundraising campaigns, print and online communications and is an overall modern-day cause-related marketing wonder! Her background includes work with the Newborn Foundation, Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Children’s Home Society & Family Services. Follow her on Twitter
Office and Executive Manager
Every office needs the super organizer and doer, and Shelby is that and more! She just joined Little Free Library in February 2015, coming from a background of international student advising at UW-River Falls. Shelby has a Master of Arts degree in Leadership in Student Affairs from the University of St. Thomas. In her role, she works closely with Executive Director Todd Bol to manage speaking requests, prepare presentation materials , manages office supplies and services and other meeting logistics.
Accounting and Information Management Manager

Jim has been with Little Free Library since 2012, setting up and processing library, sign packet and merchandise order payments and shipping, payroll and other data management responsibilities. He has more than 40 years of experience in payroll and database management, and also continues as a finance systems analyst contractor for the State of Minnesota.

Email: jmercier(at)

Kris Huson
Branden Pedersen

Kris Huson
Deanna Lin

Operations Manager - Programs & Product Development
Native Iowan. Community Organizer. Former stay-at-home Dad. Book lover.  Branden joined Little Free Library and helps keep customers happy and processes flowing!
Products & Logistical Support
Deanna joined the Little Free Library team first as a volunteer in April 2014 and then as a part-time staff member in July 2014. Deanna provides essential support collating steward’s packets and helping with product fulfillment.


Key Advisors and Business Partners:

Chris McGoff

Eric Miller

David Laufer

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Founder of The Clearing House since 2009 and author of the book “The Primes: How Any Group Can Solve Any Problem”.  Chris has 30 years of experience helping governments and organizations to engender new, transformative possibilities for a better world. Through his work and research, he developed a comprehensive approach, called the PRIMES, geared towards helping organizations drive to consensus and solve wicked problems, those involving the highest levels of stakeholder and technological complexity.  Chris is happy to offer his advice and counsel to Little Free Library.  Chris is located in Washington DC.
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Since 2007, Eric Miller is the President and Founder of Zepheira which provides solutions to effectively integrate, navigate and manage information across boundaries of person, group and enterprise.  Previously Eric was a research scientist at MIT for 8 years and the Semantic Web Activity Lead for W3C.  Eric has done extensive work for the Library of Congress and advises Little Free Library on technology and library interconnectivity opportunities.  Eric is located in Columbus, Ohio.
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Since 1995, David is the Managing Partner at BrandBook LLC, a leading company in the branding/marketing industry.  David is devoted to advancing commerce and culture through innovative design and visual communications.  Over his career he has earned more than fifty awards and five US patents.  He was a founding trustee for AIGA Atlanta where he remains active on the board after 30 years of service.  David is proud to list Little Free Library as an active participant and advisor.  David is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

David Finkel

Pete Bosworth

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David is our “LA Hollywood” connection.  David is a television producer, actor and screenwriter who has worked on many successful television shows.  Currently he is the producer for Fox Television’s New Girl.  He has also worked on shows including 30  Rock, Joey, The Norm Show, Pinky and the Brain, Duckman, Animaniacs, and What They Play.  David is a steward of a Little Free Library in Los Angeles and assists Little Free Library in strategic thinking and marketing.  David is located in Los Angeles, California.
Since 2007 Pete is the owner and operator of Imprint This, Inc. in Hudson Wisconsin.  Imprint This specializes in laser engraving, sublimation, silk screening and pad printing, and assembly and packaging.  Without the help of Pete, Little Free Library wouldn’t be what it is today—he provided, free of charge, the first 4,000 laser engraved signs for our stewards.  He continues to provide these services today to Little Free Library and is also a trusted advisor.

Various Builders

We couldn’t have Little Free Libraries without the builders!  While we work with numerous professional builders, many Little Free Libraries are built by the stewards themselves!  We appreciate every builder and look forward to meeting many more!

Guides and Advisors:

We also want to acknowledge and thank many other friends who gave us invaluable support and guidance that made it possible to make Little Free Library grow and thrive. They include:

Megan Blake-Horst • Marshall Cook • Laura Damon-Moore
Connie Goldman • Janet Hively • Kathleen Hornung
Michael McGuire • Alfonso Morales • Dipesh Navsaria, M.D.