United Way and Vertical Bridge Team Up For A Little Free Library Build

By Megan Hanson

In Orlando, Florida, 200 staff members from communications company Vertical Bridge built 75 Little Free Libraries as part of a company-wide Little Free Library build! Once the teams were done assembling their Little Free Library Kits, each had the chance to add their own personal flair, either by painting with stencils or simply free-hand.

Employees of Vertical Bridge assemble Little Free Library book-sharing boxes in small groups.

At the end of the event, the 75 Libraries (with a post and $100 worth of books to accompany each one) were donated to Heart of Florida United Way, who identified new stewards in Orlando to pick up the little libraries and posts immediately after the event. We are thrilled that, with the help of United Way, Vertical Bridge’s charitable efforts will increase book access in Orlando and be felt in the community for years to come. Vertical Bridge also generously gave Little Free Library a donation of $5,000.

After the event, Lourdes Delfin, the event organizer for Vertical Bridge, said, “Constructing the libraries was one of the best team-building events Vertical Bridge has done. Each one of our employees was excited, engaged and proud to be there. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from our partnership with Little Free Library.”

Learn how your organization can have a Library Build Event!

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