Bring a Little Free Library to Your Neighborhood

A Little Free Library is a neighborhood book exchange where everyone’s invited to take a book or leave a book. Anyone can start a Little Free Library book-sharing box, including you! Join a network more than 150,000 strong and take part in the world’s largest book-sharing movement today.

Share Your Love of Reading

Strengthen Community Ties

Provide 24/7 Access to Books

Step 1: Pick a Good Spot

Select a spot where lots of people will see it, whether that’s your own yard, a public park, or a school. (Hint: make sure you have permission from the property owner!)

Step 2: To build or not?

Purchase a ready-to-install Little Free Library from our online store or buy a Library Kit. Got carpentry skills already? Build your own library from scratch.

Step 3: Install and spread the word

Most people install their libraries on a 4×4″ wooden post. Build your own post or buy one from our online store.

Since installing our Little Free Library, we’ve now met twice as many neighbors than we had in the past year. The library really does bring communities together. We have had such a sweet response from our neighborhood … best gift ever!”

Nicole Fliear, steward of Little Free Library #55715

Which Type of Library is Right for You?

Easy-Care Composite Libraries

If you want a no-fuss library, choose composite! Composite libraries are made of polywood, a weatherproof material and will last for decades with little maintenance.

Finished Libraries

The classic design! Finished libraries are made of sturdy plywood and pine with a metal roof. They arrive painted and ready-to-install right out of the box.

Unfinished Libraries

Unfinished libraries are made of sturdy plywood and pine with a metal roof. They’re the perfect blank canvas for you to paint, stain, or decorate to match your personal style.

Library Kits

Library Kits come in both wood and composite options and include step-by-step instructions suitable for all skill levels. They’re great for groups or family projects and can usually be assembled within a few hours.

I have been steadily purchasing little libraries since 2014—I’ve bought 29 to be exact. We have been thrilled with the products and the response from local residents has been incredibly positive! I would highly recommend Little Free Library’s online store to anyone looking to purchase a library model—not only because of the craftsmanship and quality of the models available, but because of the great customer service!”

Jenna Severson, Project Coordinator for Monterey County Free Libraries
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