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About Across America

The nonprofit Little Free Library has helped open over 50,000 book exchanges cared for by dedicated volunteer stewards. We’ve reached every U.S. State and Canadian province, plus 70 other countries around the world.

We completed the first leg of the Across America tours in September 2015, followed by a tour across Iowa in October 2015. In the spring of 2016, we traveled through Texas, and in the spring of 2017 we visited the west coast again stopping in Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

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Most-Recent Tour: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

April, 2017

Little Free Library Founder Todd H. Bol spread the word about Little Free Library from Wisconsin to California as he made his way to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Along the way he met with educators, librarians, scout troops and civic leaders, and he checked in with groups of volunteer stewards to share what’s new with the Little Free Library organization, and learn about their hands-on experiences. Todd bestowed City of Distinction awards upon Denver, CO and Tempe, AZ in honor of the special support those cities have made in expanding Little Free Libraries in their communities.

Bol represented Little Free Library at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, where he also helped build 12 Little Libraries with local Girl Scout Troop 5615. Representatives from AARP were also in our booth, where they distributed copies of their inspiriting, community-centered book, Where We Live.

Read the press releases below for more information on the trip: 

Why Go Across America? This Short Video Explains It All

Notes from the Road


Todd with the owner of Susan’s Books and Gifts, the volunteer steward for this charming Little Free Library in Aurora, NE.


Todd presents BookBar in Denver, CO (a bookstore and bar—how cool!) with an Action Book Club Little Free Library at an in-store event.

denver city of distinction photo

Todd presents a City of Distinction award to representatives of the city of Denver.


Todd at the L.A. Times Festival of Books, passing out books and building Little Free Libraries!


Meeting Little Free Library volunteer stewards, like steward Gabrielle Vega, was one of the highlights of the weekend.


Girl Scout Troop 5615 helped build 12 Little Free Library book exchanges at the festival! Learn more.

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