American Indian Family Center in St. Paul Granted Little Free Library

By Sarah Nelson

The American Indian Family Center (AIFC) in St. Paul, MN recently launched a Little Free Library book-sharing box! The library, which the Little Free Library nonprofit organization granted to the center, is located on the sidewalk outside the center’s front door.

“Our new LFL is part of the Indigenous Library program, which helps to serve Indigenous communities that don’t have as much access to books,” says Rayette Peltier, Marketing and Communications Specialist at the AIFC. “In addition to accessibility, one of many reasons why I’m excited to be a steward is to help uplift Indigenous authors and voices. When my mom was growing up, there weren’t many books written by Native Americans aside from N. Scott Momaday, so it’s amazing to see all the Indigenous stories that are being shared in the world!”

The Little Free Library was decorated by Zailynn Cepi, a Youth who attends the Center. Cepi was inspired by the medicine wheel and the turtle from an origin story, and the mosaic is a replica of a portrait that she has in her home.

Rayette Peltier will act as the volunteer steward for the Little Free Library and presided over the launch event for the book-sharing box. Little Free Library Executive Director Greig Metzger also spoke at the event. And the Elder in Residence at the center, Nelda Goodman, provided a blessing for the library and helped to cut the ribbon on the library along with AIFC Executive Director Kristin Kinney.

Learn more about our Impact and Indigenous Library Programs, which grant Little Free Library book-sharing boxes across the U.S. and Canada, and donate today to help us get Little Free Libraries full of books where they are needed most.

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