Mercedes-Benz USA and Atlanta Falcons’ Bijan Robinson Build 175 Little Free Libraries

By Sarah Nelson

Little Free Library joined forces with Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) employees and Atlanta Falcons player Bijan Robinson to build 175 book-sharing boxes, which will be filled with thousands of donated books and installed in communities across the country that have limited access to reading materials. Our mission at Little Free Library is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all through a global network of volunteer-led Little Free Library book-exchange boxes. We believe all people are empowered when the opportunity to discover a personally relevant book to read is not limited by time, space, or privilege.

“We are immensely proud of what we have accomplished together with Little Free Library, thanks to the unwavering dedication of our employee volunteers,” said Dimitris Psillakis, President and CEO of MBUSA. “Yesterday’s build event was all about igniting a passion for reading and fostering literacy at all ages. We are pleased to provide Little Free Libraries, along with new and donated books to fill the book-sharing boxes, to encourage a love for reading in communities across the country and right here in our backyard.”

The event was part of MBUSA’s National Volunteer Week program, which features a series of give-back opportunities for employees. The collaboration with Little Free Library reinforces MBUSA’s commitment to promoting literacy through its corporate social responsibility program, Driving Your Future, aiming to empower the next generation by supporting educational programs, career readiness and child safety.

“As an athlete, I understand the power of teamwork, and this collaboration demonstrates how coming together can make a meaningful impact,” said Bijan Robinson, Atlanta Falcons Running Back and MBUSA Brand Ambassador. “By providing access to books through Little Free Library, we’re not just sharing stories – we’re also opening doors to learning and furthering curiosity in children across the country, including right here in Atlanta – and I’m so proud to be a part of that.”

The event brought together more than 250 MBUSA employee volunteers at the MBUSA headquarters in Atlanta. In addition to building the book-sharing libraries, MBUSA employee volunteers made 200 sustainable bookmarks and collected used books across the country to provide to local communities. Four Little Free Library staff members attended the event as well, assisting with the build.

As part of MBUSA’s wider National Volunteer efforts, MBUSA employees also participated in a virtual reading activity in collaboration with Share The Magic Foundation, an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children through literacy. Employees conducted a virtual read-aloud benefitting 600 students across Sunset Park Elementary in North Carolina and Norma Butler Bossard Elementary School in Miami.

“Seeing people come together to support literacy and share in the joy of reading creates waves of positive energy,” said Greig Metzger, Executive Director of Little Free Library. “Partnering with Mercedes-Benz USA allows us to bring Little Free Library to areas where we can have significant impact. Each library is more than just a home for books; it’s a beacon of community engagement, learning, and shared stories. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and dedication of Mercedes-Benz USA employee volunteers, and we look forward to seeing the ripple effects of this successful event in fostering a love of reading in the neighborhoods served.”

Learn more about hosting a Little Free Library build event and the other ways you can support Little Free Library’s mission of building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all.

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