Impact Library Program Steward Stories, January 2024

By Sarah Nelson

Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program provides no-cost Little Free Library book-sharing boxes to underserved communities where they can make a meaningful impact on book access and literacy engagement. This month we heard from two stewards who were previously granted libraries through our Impact Library Program and wanted to share their stories.

Additionally, we granted 14 Impact Library Packages to applicants from schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations in January 2024. These new Little Free Libraries will be expanding book access from Charlotte, NC to Price, UT and many areas in between! Learn more about where we’ve placed Impact Library Program awards over the years.

Rosario D. — #164130 in Atlanta, GA

“At Montclair ES, we are thrilled for being able to provide reading material to our students and their families through the Small Free Library.
We are very thankful for your collaboration and generosity.”

Charles V. — #171985 in Bronx, NY

“My grandmother would be proud of me with the installation of a Little Free Library at Bissel Garden. She read to me every day and when I started school I could read. The first book I ever read was Donald Duck Sees South America. I loved that book and learned every word. Really, I recognized every word and knew what they meant. Hmm, but I don’t remember writing when I started school even though my Mother’s handwriting was flawless.

I’m glad that installing a Little Free Library allows kids, in the Wakefield Section of the Bronx, to take a book and explore reading. Hopefully, it will be their springboard to education as it was mine. Little Free Library has a truly impressive program. Please visit the link, consider becoming a LFL partner or supporter and help spread the joy of reading in your community.”

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