Maryland State Education Association Builds 24 Little Free Libraries at 2023 Representative Assembly

By Sarah Nelson

At their 2023 Convention and Representative Assembly, members of the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) created 24 Little Free Library book-sharing boxes. The libraries were built and decorated by delegates from each county in Maryland and went home with a representative from each chapter.

“It was a great hands-on experience for the delegates to work together to build the libraries,” said Little Free Library Steward Services Coordinator Marshall Krueger. “I heard so many stories from teachers and school employees about how important book access is to their students. They were so excited to see how their communities would benefit from having the libraries installed.”

LFL staff members assist MSEA delegates with the build
A library built and decorated by MSEA delegates

The MSEA build event in Ocean City came to be after delegates who attended the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Orlando in July participated in a similar event. At that event, delegates built and decorated 300 Little Free Library book-sharing boxes that were filled with banned books and sent home with Florida delegates.

“I loved seeing the teachers’ faces light up when they entered the Little Free Library building area,” said Little Free Library Community Engagement Manager Brianna Stapleton Welch. “Everyone had a chance to contribute, even if they didn’t have any previous building experience. There was a lot of excitement as the groups discussed where the library would be installed in their county.”

Learn more about hosting a build event for your company organization, or start a Little Free Library of your own today!

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