Little Free Library in the Tech World

By Sarah Nelson

Despite being a host to physical print books, Little Free Library book exchanges have had a strong relationship with and presence in the technical world in the last few years. Read on to see just how techy Little Free Library can be!

1. Animal Crossing

Players of the Nintendo video game can purchase and customize a “tiny library” in their virtual village.

2. UW-Madison Little Free Library Solar-Powered Phone Charger

A group of UW-Madison students outfitted a community Little Free Library book exchange with a solar-powered battery with ports and cables to charge phones and other small devices.

3. Zwift

Steward Jill R. spotted a Little Free Library book-sharing box while on her bike trainer doing a Zwift ride.

4. Pokémon GO

Some stewards have been able to register their Little Free Library book exchanges as Pokéstops.

5. Geocache

Many Little Free Library book-sharing boxes are geocaches! “Geocaching is the anytime, anywhere adventure where players (called geocachers) use a Geocaching app or a GPS to find hidden containers around the world.”

6. Little Free Library Mobile App

The Little Free Library app makes it easy to find little library locations near you. You can get directions to the nearest ones, create routes, and save your favorites. Track the libraries you visit using the handy check-ins feature. Learn more and download.

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