12 Inspiring Alternate Little Library Ideas

By Sarah Nelson

Part of our mission at Little Free Library is to build community, which we aim to do by inspiring readers and expanding book access around the world. We envision a world with a book-sharing box in every community (find one near you using the Little Free Library map!) But sometimes sharing boxes pop up containing more than books — or sometimes, something else entirely. 

Little Free Library has sparked a number of spinoffs since its inception, and we’re inspired by the creativity we’ve seen when it comes to building sharing boxes full of different items to share with others. Check out these eleven creative Little Free Library spinoffs. The possibilities really are endless!

1. Hot Wheels Library

Vroom, vroom! The neighborhood kids would love this.

2. Kindness Rocks Library

BRB, finding some rocks to paint ASAP.

3. Little Free Pantry

A great way to assist those in need in your community!

4. Little Free Fiber Library

Who else picked up knitting as a hobby during the pandemic?

5. Little Free Bakery

We can practically smell the fresh-baked goodness!

6. Seed Library

Calling all plant parents!

7. Stick Library

For all of those furry good boys in your neighborhood.

8. Little Free Sled Library

Might as well make the most of the cold weather when it arrives!

9. The Little Cookbook Lending Library

Found outside a culinary center! Photo via Steve Bromert on Facebook

10. Little Free Herb Garden

One steward planted fresh herbs next to her library. Up for grabs! Photo via Susan Alison on Facebook

11. Little Art Sharing Box

View Art. Take Art. Leave Art. It would be hard not to stop here every day!

12. Beach Library

I bet kids flock to this on their beach trip!
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