How to Add a Fairy Garden to Your Little Free Library

By Megan Hanson

Gary Bachman’s Little Free Library #56161

Little Free Library steward Gary Bachman is always looking for new things to try out in his home garden. Gary is a horticulturist with Mississippi State University Extension and was recently named a Great American Gardener by the American Horticultural Society. He’s always sharing gardening advice through FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube. A few years ago he added Little Library #56161 to his garden, which shares gardening magazines and jigsaw puzzles in addition to books.

His newest project is a fairy garden that he created at the base of his Library, complete with a little river and cottage for the resident fairy. It’s supposed to bring good luck and, naturally, it’s tiny and adorable. Watch Gary’s helpful video that shows how you can easily add a fairy garden to your Little Library, too!

If you’re looking for more ways to jazz up your Little Library, check out these five easy Little Free Library enhancements. If you don’t have a Little Library yet but want one, learn how to start a Library!

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