A Quick and Easy Way to Decorate Your Library: Vinyl Decals

By Megan Hanson

Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your Library? Consider using exterior vinyl decals! That’s what Scarlett Herreman, steward of Library #68402 in Topeka, KS, did to add some flair to her Library.

Scarlett started by purchasing the Acadia Library from our online store. (If you don’t have building skills, buying a pre-built Library from us may be a good choice for you.)

Scarlett said, “I came up with the designs on my own, thinking I would have to order laser-cut stencils to paint them on. But then I found CraftCuts. I called them to discuss what I wanted to do, and their customer service team suggested going with exterior vinyl decals instead. These types of decals are used on doors, windows, mailboxes, etc., and they’re meant to stay on tight for several years.”

Scarlett also used Etsy to find vendors selling exterior vinyl decals in designs she liked. Once the decals arrived, it took her less than an hour to position the decals on her Little Library and press them on. Presto! Her Little Library had cute, clean designs on it that took very little work on her part.

We have lots more ideas and tutorials to help you decorate your Little Library (or start a Library, if you’re just getting going.) Try adding a solar light to keep your Library bright for nighttime visitors. If you haven’t yet, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter to get creative ideas like these delivered straight to your inbox weekly!

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