The Chicago Premiere of The Book Thief and Free Books!

By Megan Hanson

Since this is my first post, please let me e-introduce myself. Here are a few key things I’d like you to know:

  1.  I am about to tell you how to get FREE COPIES OF THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak for your Little Free Library. I just need to give you a little background information first.
  2. My name is Megan Hanson.
  3. I adore books. It is my fatal flaw and I have secret hiding places around my apartment where I stash books so I don’t look like such an intense hoarder. The crazy thing about this is that the more books I acquire, the more I want! It’s a vicious cycle.

Last week I had the good fortune to attend an advance screening of The Book Thief (the movie) in Chicago. OK, I confess, I committed a cardinal sin. I hadn’t yet read the book when I saw the film. I know, I know! It’s terrible.

My only saving grace is that I brought a good friend along with me who had read the book. She said that the movie was not an entirely faithful adaptation, but it was still excellent and we both cried multiple times before the film was through. I highly recommend seeing it and it debuts on Nov. 8th in theaters everywhere.

The best part? Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nelisse (they both star in the film) came out and spoke to the crowd after the film was over! Seated in the second row, I was approximately 10 feet from them. I nearly passed out. I snapped the photo above with my phone, just to prove I was really there.

Anyway, what does this have to do with you? We at Little Free Library have had the fantastic opportunity to work with some of the folks who are promoting the movie. They have several hundred copies of The Book Thief (the book, not the movie) that they want to ship to Little Free Libraries around the U.S.!  Who are we to say no to such a fabulous offer? So, we open this up to you, registered Little Free Library Stewards.

The first 50 registered Little Free Library Stewards to email with the following information will receive a free copy of the book:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Official LFL Charter Number (this is engraved on your official charter sign)
  • Email Address

One last thing: you could win $500 if you tweet or post a photo of yourself with a local Little Free Library using the hashtag #thebookthief on Twitter or Instagram. For more information on this contest, be sure to follow @LtlFreeLibrary on Twitter and check out our Facebook page (!

That’s it for me. Read on, book lovers!

P.S. If anyone has any book recommendations, I’m always looking for great new reads. I should probably start with the Book Thief, though.

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