Girl Scouts Are Inspiring Readers Across the U.S.

Join Girl Scouts around the country who have built or installed hundreds of Little Free Library book exchanges to improve their communities! Little Free Libraries are ideal projects for Girl Scouts at any level who want to:

Make a lasting impact in their communities. Little Free Library book exchanges are a long-lasting, sustainable way to provide books to kids, families and neighbors for years to come.

Provide an innovative solution to improve book access. Little Free Libraries are a simple but powerful tool to ensure that everyone has access to books year round (especially those who may have difficulty accessing the public library).

Make reading a part of people’s day-to-day lives in a sustainable way. Little Libraries are easy to maintain by a local caretaker (called a volunteer steward), and best of all, they make books and reading a part of people’s everyday routines.

Learn valuable building skills. Whether by using building plans to create a Library from scratch, or by assembling one of our Library Kits, Girl Scouts can learn useful carpentry skills as they build and install Little Free Libraries.

Pictured above is Girl Scout Troop #28843, who built a Little Free Library book exchange for their take-action project, as part of their World of Girls journey. Get more Girl Scout success stories!

The Little Free Library is open all the time, and the books are free. It’s a way to promote literacy and nurture the love of reading through sharing.

Chloe Bartine

Gold Award Recipient

I have loved reading since I can remember. I wanted to encourage a love of reading in others.

Abby McWhorter

Silver Award Recipient

We picked the Little Free Library project as our bronze award as a way to give back to our community and allow all kids (and adults) access to awesome books.

Hemet California Girl Scout Troop #2540

Bronze Award Recipients

Don't Forget to Register and Add Your Little Free Library Book Exchange to the World Map!

If you decide to build one or more Little Free Library book exchanges, don’t forget to register by purchasing a charter sign for each of your Libraries! When you register, you get an official charter sign with a unique charter number, the option to list each of your Libraries on our world map, access to a private Facebook support group, and more!

Introducing the Little Free Library Patch Program

Through the Little Free Library Patch program, young people are invited to take a leadership role through a range of challenges that inspire reading, create access to books, and strengthen their neighborhoods. Patches are available to those who accomplish “Readership Leadership” in their communities.

Book Captain — Fill Little Free Libraries with books

How to earn the patch: Identify Little Free Libraries that need more books, and then find ways to restock them. Methods would include going door to door asking for donated books or hosting a weekend book drive. The goal is to support the free access of books in local Little Free Libraries that need a little help. Buy the patch here.

Party Director — Create an event that celebrates reading

How to earn the patch: Plan a sociable book-related event, such as a front-yard book swap or a story-hour for young children. Maybe the Book Party feels like a circus of silly fun or maybe it’s a gentle read-to-a-dog day with all the “bowsers” on the block. Using imagination draws a crowd and emphasizes the joy of reading. Buy the patch here.

Action Book Club — Turn a good read into a good deed

How to earn the patch: Form or join a book club, then sign up here to register your Action Book Club. Select a good book for everyone to read. After discussion, carry out a good deed or act of kindness that is inspired by the book. Report your action here to inspire others to take action in their neighborhoods. Buy the patch here.

Library Leader — Start a Little Free Library

How to earn the patch: Bring a Little Free Library to your neighborhood by setting one up in your own front yard or another accessible space. You must find a way to obtain or build a Little Library, register it, stock it with books, and manage its care and stewardship. Buy the patch here.

Community Leader — Establish multiple Little Free Libraries 

How to earn the patch: Lead an effort to install two or more Little Free Libraries that deeply serve a single neighborhood or reach across a community. This process requires you to obtain or build Little Libraries on your own or through partnerships; register them; stock them with books; and identify volunteer Library stewards who will take care of them into the future. Buy the patch here.

Grand Champ — Accomplish all five challenges

How to earn the patch: If you earn all five Readership Leadership patches, you’ve made a significant impact! Your ambitious actions demonstrate a clear ability to ignite reading in extended communities and create sustainable book-sharing networks. The title of Grand Champ is a worthy one indeed and deserves its own patch. Buy the patch here.

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