Corporate Giving and Sponsorships 

Three Ways to Engage Your Organization or Business

We provide three paths through which corporations, civic groups, and organizations can give back to their communities through Little Free Library:

  1. Donating to Little Free Library, either directly or through a matching gift program.
  2. Sponsoring Little Free Library book exchanges in the community.
  3. Assembling book exchanges as a community service or team-building activity.

These paths offer unique ways to generate camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment among staff, demonstrate community commitment, and have fun!

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Path 1: Make a Direct Contribution to Little Free Library

Little Free Library welcomes donations. They help support Little Free Library’s ongoing program development and operations.

One such program is our new Action Book Club™. In this twist on the traditional book club, members engage in service projects as a result of their reading and discussion. 

Donations from individuals and organizations are pooled with a portion of Little Free Library’s sales revenues and are used to support our Impact Library Program.

This program places little libraries in locations where they can have a big impact such as in Title I schools, Native American communities, low-income neighborhoods, and more. Learn more about the Impact Library Program here.


    Path 2: Sponsor Little Free Library Book Boxes in Your Community

    A single, well-placed Little Free Library can have a real impact upon its neighborhood. What’s more, it can inspire others to establish their own little libraries.

    The impact of Little Free Library book exchanges increases as more are set up and they become woven into the fabric of the community.

    By adding your corporate logo to the outside of each library, an organization will increase its visibility within a community while making a meaningful contribution to book access—essential to reading readiness and later literacy—by sponsoring multiple libraries.

    Little Free Library can work with organizations to identify potential stewards and preferred locations while helping the organization receive recognition for its efforts.


    Path 3: Hold a Library-Building Event

    Library-building events, in which teams assemble book exchanges from ready-to-assemble kits, can be a powerful—and fun—way for people to share a positive, community-service experience.

    Build events:

    • Demonstrate commitment to literacy, community-building, and creative expression.
    • Can be effective internal team-building activities.
    • Can provide a bridge between an organization and members of the community.
    • Are flexible in scale with results totaling four to one-hundred completed libraries or more.
    • Require no experience or special skills; everyone can participate.
    • Result in finished libraries that can be distributed locally or through Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program.

    Little Free Library:

    • Provides kits, tools, and assembly instructions.
    • Can provide on-site staff support.
    • Can assist in distribution of finished libraries to a designated community or through its Impact Library program.
    • Attendees get involved by bringing and donating gently-used books, or purchasing new books to add to each library.

    Making the Most of your Generous Efforts

    Customized Book Exchanges

    Little Free Library can produce book exchanges that are coordinated with an organization’s visual brand. These elements can range from color schemes to special recognition signage. The results can assure ongoing community presence for the organization’s efforts.

    Media Visibility

    Stories about local Little Free Library efforts have considerable appeal to regional news outlets, as demonstrated by the volume of organic news coverage Little Free Library receives. In 2018 alone, more than 8,800 media stories were published, with a potential reach of 1.5 billion.

    Little Free Library enjoys a mailing list exceeding 40,000 and a large number of social media followers which currently exceeds 200,000 fans. Little Free Library can coordinate news and notices about projects and campaigns with an organization’s marketing and communications staff.


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