Maintaining a Little Free Library


Maintaining a Little Free Library can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it also takes some effort and experimentation.

On this page we share success stories from other stewards, our favorite activity ideas and Library enhancements, plus some of our favorite resources for stewards that we encourage you to take advantage of!

We regularly update this page, so we hope you will keep coming back for more.
Steward Stories
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Meet The Stewards

A Little Free Library Dollhouse Mystery

When Deborah Miller found an abandoned four-room dollhouse on the curb, she knew this was her chance to have a Little Free Library book box. She brought it home to her husband, a carpenter, and asked if he could turn it into a Little Free Library. The night before...

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Steward Spotlight: Neighbor to Neighbor Literacy Project

"We were blown away by the positive response. We believe that a citywide network of Little Free Library [book boxes] can help to create positive interactions and engagement across all our diverse neighborhoods and can help break down barriers between communities. We...

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Activities and Crafts

Students Share STEM Kits in Little Free Libraries

Sheley Wimmer is a teacher and the steward of Little Free Library book-sharing box #84277 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her Library is a repurposed newspaper vending box, and it's one of ten Little Libraries that her students are creating for their community. "This year...

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