Maintaining a Little Free Library


Whether you have had a Little Free Library book exchange for a few days or several years, there is something here for you.

Download free signage and book labels. Get inspired by stories and ideas from stewards around the world. Discover resources you did not even know existed.

We constantly update this page, so we hope you will keep coming back for more.

The Latest News

Little Free Library and stewards everywhere have been recognized by the Library of Congress for creating communities of literacy.

Click here to learn more and download a press release you may use to spread the word locally. Congratulations stewards!

Meet The Stewards

Activities and Crafts

3 Ways to Use Summer to Get Kids Reading

Summer is a great season for heading outdoors, trying new things, and exploring interests. Pair summer experiences with books and you give kids the opportunity to both enjoy reading and learn more about their world.

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DIY Little Free Library (Adorable AND Affordable!)

Every day we see cute, thoughtful Little Library designs that didn’t break the bank and required little-to-no assembly. Take Little Free Library steward Iliana Morton, for example. Her Library is a transformed IKEA metal cabinet cube that cost her $25, and the result is a bright, cute, cost-effective Library!

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