About Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program

What Is the Impact Library Program?

Today, more than 30 million adults cannot read or write above a third-grade level. Books in the hands of children have a meaningful impact on improving literacy. The more books in or near the home, the more likely a child will learn and love to read.

Little Free Library book exchanges are an excellent vehicle for areas without easy access to books. Through the Impact Library Program, we provide no-cost Little Free Library book exchanges to communities where books are scarce. We’ve provided more than 1,000 libraries (and counting!) through this program. Watch this 30-second video to learn more.

You can support the Impact Library Program by making a donation to Little Free Library today. Your gift will be used to place books in the hands of kids and families who need them.

You Can Help Place Libraries Where They Can Make a Difference!

Be a part of the Little Free Library movement by donating to Little Free Library today.

Apply to Receive a Library through the Impact Library Program

Are you in a rural community or an urban neighborhood where there just isn’t the quantity or variety of books needed? Do you see how a Little Free Library book box would make books available to budding readers, or give neighbors who don’t know one another a reason to connect?

If you answer yes, you’re invited to submit an Impact Library Program application. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Recipients of Impact Libraries are asked to commit to:

  • Setting up and maintaining the Library for one year.
  • Taking a picture and sharing its story.
  • Holding at least one neighborhood activity in the first year, such as a story hour for kids or a book-centered gathering for your neighbors.
  • Responding to requests from local media if contacted. Please be aware that Little Free Library may notify your local media outlets (print, broadcast and online) that you are a recipient of an Impact Program Library.

Apply for an Impact Library Today!

If your community or neighborhood needs better access to books, apply to receive a no-cost library or kit through Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program.

Impact Library Locations

Wondering where we’ve donated Impact Libraries so far? The map below is updated every month and lists many of the locations where we’ve sent Impact Libraries. Click on any pin on the map to reveal more information about that Impact Library location.


Apply to Receive Free or Reduced-Price Charter Signs

Little Free Library makes available a limited number of free and reduced-price charter signs to those who cannot afford to pay full-price for one or more charter signs. Depending on the size of your project, please click the appropriate link below. This opportunity is open to applicants worldwide.

Apply for up to Five Charter Signs

Click the button below to request up to five free charter signs for book-sharing boxes in your community.

Apply for Six or More Charter Signs

Click the button below to request six or more charter signs for book-sharing boxes in your community.

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