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The Benefits of Little Free Library Book-Sharing Boxes

Over 600 Little Libraries have already been started by public libraries and affiliated groups, and hundreds more put up at schools and universities. You can start a Library, too, and take advantage of these great benefits:

Offer books 24/7, 365 days a year. Outside of school or library hours, and especially over summer break, it’s critical that kids have access to books to keep working on their reading skills! Little Libraries are a simple but powerful way to ensure that everyone has access to books year round.

Reach people in neighborhoods far from the school or library. If you want to encourage reading, make it easy! Put a Little Library full of books in a neighborhood that isn’t close to the school or public library. Dog walkers, bike riders, joggers, kids playing in the street, families out for a stroll … stopping by the neighborhood Library becomes part of their everyday routine!

Connect with the community in a positive, fun way. Try a group build day and assemble Little Free Library kits with local families and community members. It’s a great way for students, staff, parents, or library visitors to come together and have fun while doing something positive for the neighborhood. The PBS Kids Design Squad shared a fun video showcasing how they designed, built, and installed a Little Free Library at the Columbus School in Medford, Massachusetts.

Promote library or school events. A Little Free Library is like a mini-town square where people gather to connect over good books. It’s the perfect location for fliers about upcoming events, a box top drop-off location, or even a school bus stop!

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There’s so much to learn through reading and anything that we can add to our school to add to that love of reading, such as a Little Free Library, is a great addition … and our whole community will be able to use it!

Brent Mascott

Principal, Dufief Elementary

We made decorating our Libraries a community art project that our Teen Advisory Board completed. The teens loved it!

Kelly Durov

Youth Services Manager, Northbrook Public Library

We consider our Little Libraries to be part of our community engagement and outreach efforts!

Lori Berezovsky

Community Engagement Coordinator, Salina Public Library

Little Free Library Success Stories

Wouldn’t it be amazing if students got to decorate a Little Library (and learn about the importance of reading while they’re at it), then throw a big celebration where the whole school and community could come together to celebrate reading? Well, Dufief Elementary in Maryland did just that!

Kalamazoo public schools are getting in on the action, too, and discovering how Little Free Library book-sharing boxes not only increase access to books but encourage students to read to their siblings at home. Watch the videos below to learn more about each of these school projects.

Building and maintaining Little Libraries is a great community service project, and if you work at a public library with a Teen Advisory Committee, this might be the perfect project for them to take on! Putting up a memorial Little Free Library can be a thoughtful way to honor a special staff member, teacher or librarian, too.

Dufief Elementary School Success Story

Comstock STEM Academy Success Story

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Schools Around the U.S. Are Starting Little Libraries

Detroit, Michigan – The Detroit Public School system is placing Little Libraries at all 97 of their schools. Learn more.

Kimberly, Wisconsin – Students and Staff at Kimberly High School created eight unique Little Free Libraries for placement within the Kimberly Area School District. Learn more.

La Jolla, California – High school students in construction classes helped built three Little Libraries—with more on the way. Learn more.

Naperville, Illinois – This suburb of Chicago school set up two Libraries to honor former teachers. Learn more.

Onamia, Minnesota – This school district serves a central Minnesota town of fewer than 900, and they set up nine book exchanges. Learn more.

Houston, Texas – Spring ISD is setting up 28 Little Free Libraries as part of their literacy outreach efforts. Learn more and watch their video.

Fennimore, Wisconsin – Southwest Tech is a two-year college that is celebrating 50 years by setting up 50 Little Libraries throughout their district. They’re raising funds and building Libraries together. Learn more.

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