Start a Book-Sharing Program at Your School or Library

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Four Benefits of a Little Free Library Book-Sharing Program

1. Supporting Literacy: Little Free Library book-sharing boxes improve book access and thus help tackle low literacy rates. By providing books all year ’round, they can mitigate the “summer slide” where kids’ reading skills slip. And 24-hour availability makes it possible for kids and working parents to share books at times that are convenient.

2. Demonstrating a Reading Lifestyle: A book-sharing box populated with books for all ages on a variety of subjects will attract patrons from different parts of the community. Participation by such a range of users, from little kids to seniors, shows budding readers the value our culture places on books and encourages good reading habits.

3. Forging Partnerships with Parents: When schools, libraries and parents work together, the outcomes can be powerful. Parents can be important advocates, and they can play a critical role in the funding, implementation, and maintenance of a Little Free Library book-sharing network, whether it be for a school, a library or an entire system.

4. Establishing New Avenues of Community Service: Libraries and schools have established Little Free Library book-sharing boxes beyond their properties as a way to engage with their communities. Volunteers, service groups, and students can assemble kits and maintain book supplies for locations where books are few. A Little Free Library program can attract new partnerships with community groups and demonstrate a heightened commitment to the neighborhoods served.

There’s so much to learn through reading and anything that we can add to our school to add to that love of reading, such as a Little Free Library, is a great addition … and our whole community will be able to use it!
Brent Mascott

Principal, Dufief Elementary

We consider our Little Libraries to be part of our community engagement and outreach efforts!
Lori Berezovsky

Community Engagement Coordinator, Salina Public Library

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Little Free Library Success Stories

Wouldn’t it be amazing if students got to decorate a little library, learn about the importance of reading, and then have a big Grand Opening celebration? See how La Joya ISD got their students involved in starting three little libraries (with more on the way.) What if you could put up a book-sharing box at every elementary school in your town to give kids access to books anytime? That’s what they’re up to in Detroit, putting little libraries at all 97 of their schools.

Is there a special staff member, teacher or librarian you’d like to honor with a memorial little library? Check out how one Naperville school set up two little libraries to honor two retiring teachers. And don’t forget, putting up libraries can be a thoughtful way to celebrate a special event. Southwest Tech, a two-year college in Fennimore, Wisconsin, celebrated their 50th anniversary by setting up 50 Little Free Libraries throughout their district!

Dufief Elementary School Success Story

Mesquite ISD Success Story

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