No, I don’t mean those wicked high slides at state fairs that dare people to confront their fears of heights, I mean children losing a lot of ground in language proficiency over the summer months.

Nothing like a good summer read!

Nothing like a good summer read!

Children who read during the summer, gain reading skills. Those who don’t regress. They “slide” backward.

Children who come from low-incomes are of particular concern. Studies show they can lose more than two whole months of reading skills. Even though they gain some skills back over the school year, the slide is cumulative and the achievement gap is widened.

We often get emails from dedicated teachers with these common concerns: “My students need access to books. Their parents can’t afford books nor get them easily from a library. We don’t have a library in our school and the public library to too far away. We need a Little Free Library near our school so our students can access books when school is out. Can you help?”

Can we help? Yes, we can and we have over and over, but the demand is much greater than we can supply unless we raise funds from individuals and corporations.

Little Free Libraries at schools make a huge difference in summer reading!

Little Free Libraries at schools make a huge difference in summer reading!

One of the reasons we are running a Kickstarter campaign right now is to help teachers and schools provide more access to books for their students.

They know our Little Free Libraries not only help to instill a love of reading and make book discovery fun, but without them, the summer slide could be steeper and scarier for some kids.

No child should be prevented from reading because his/her family has to choose food over books.

No child should have to slide backward because there were no books in his/her sight to hold, read and get lost in their wonder.

Your backing of this Kickstarter could truly make the difference between reading gains and the dreaded summer slide.


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