It’s easy to register. Here is what to do:

  1. Register and take advantage of our network of support services. There is a one-time payment of about $40 per library to register by purchasing a charter sign. In addition to a charter sign, you’ll receive a steward’s packet of tips and advice, the option to add your library to the world map, access to a private Facebook support group, discounted or free books through our partners, and more. Remember, you only need to register if you are building your own library. If you bought a library through our online store, a charter sign and steward’s packet are automatically included in your purchase.
  2. Optional: add your library to the world map. Your charter sign will be engraved with a unique charter number. Once you know your charter number, you may add your library to the world map. This is when you can tell us where the library is located, share the story behind it, and upload photos.
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