One of these Little Free Libraries is in Thessaloniki, Greece and the other is in New York. So why are they nearly identical?

The Library in Thessaloniki, Greece

The Library in Thessaloniki, Greece

In 2013 we collaborated with The PEN World Voices Festival and the Architectural League of New York to run a Little Free Library design competition. 10 architects were commissioned to create 10 unique, beautiful Little Libraries which were then installed around the city for several months.

Stereotank’s Library in NYC

One of the coolest designs was a bright yellow Little Library tall enough to stand in created by Stereotank. After the competition ended, all 10 designs were made freely available here.

When Thessaloniki Next2U, a social services and environmental conservation group based in Thessaloniki, Greece, found Stereotank’s design, they worked together to create a sister Library. And voila! Sister Libraries thousands of miles apart. Vacation time, anyone?

Find more Library blueprints and instructions (including all 10 from the New York Design Competition) here.

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