From building to installing to stocking, don’t miss these insider tips and tricks.

Photo courtesy of Philanthropiece of Boulder, Co.

Photo courtesy of Philanthropiece of Boulder, CO

Start a Little Free Library on a Shoestring Budget – 12 creative, easy Little Free Library designs. No matter your budget or skill set, you can start a Little Free Library. No more excuses!

How to Deal with Zoning Laws – You may have heard about Spencer Collins’s Library and how his hometown tried to shut it down. We took a look at Spencer’s story and wrote up our best tips for how to safely, legally install your Little Free Library without ruffling the feathers of your HOA or City Council.

Host a Little Free Library Takeover – If you’re looking for a fun way to encourage people to stop by your Library, consider hosting a takeover. Stock your Library with several copies of one particular title, or choose a theme and promote it like crazy.

Tips For Beginners – 18-year-old steward Cruz Morales started one of the first-ever Little Free Libraries (#0155) several years ago. From a “poetry pipe” to a hidden geocache, his creativity will show you how to entice new visitors to your Library.

Who Really Visits Little Free Libraries? – This 5-minute video comes from a hidden camera and shows hundreds of visitors to one LFL in Ontario, Canada; the perfect resource if you need to justify your LFL to your HOA, your City Council, or just your spouse! We’ve also written about how Little Free Libraries promote tourism, especially in small towns.

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