2019 was a great year for Little Free Library! We celebrated our 10-year Anniversary, eclipsed 100 countries worldwide, and are quickly approaching 100,000 book-sharing boxes around the world! And as more book-sharing boxes spring up, more “moments” are created. These can be small interactions between strangers, acts of kindness neighbors do for their community, or simply a child finding their favorite book. Below are our favorite #LFLMoments from 2019.

To start out, here’s a touching story from steward Rachael Thorpe (Library #87135) from Australia:

Rachael’s Little Free Library book-exchange.

“I love reading and have always wanted to make a street library (as they’re called in Australia) but life, work and children got in the way. In June of last year I became ill and MRIs showed two brain tumours, one of which is very rare. I’m no longer able to work and am spending more time reading, especially as my cognitive ability has now become very important. So finally with the help of my husband and some neighbours we have set up a street library in our front garden.

“In March I am going to visit the U.S. to see a specialist, and my plan as we travel round is to visit as many Little Free Libraries as possible with the help of the Little Free Library Map. I have a collection of Australian books so that I can leave one in each library along with one of our bookmarks. I’ll also leave a note in each book so that the person who chooses the book will know how far away it came from. I am looking forward to spreading some Aussie literature to the U.S.!” You can read about Rachael’s Library on the Facebook page Boan Close Bizzy Bee Library.

In March, Library #17701 in Inglewood, CA was hurting from the weather and in need of a new paint job. When steward Morgan Culture started preparing the book-exchange for a fresh coat, she was pleasantly surprised to see someone in her community had already taken on the job! “He asked if he could add color, too, so a new version is coming soon!”


In May, we learned that Leslie Hiller, the steward of Library #80140, knows a patron of her book-sharing box that takes books and reads them to his girlfriend who never learned to read. Hiller said that the patron specifically likes Westerns, and makes sure her library is always well-stocked with them.

Leslie’s Little Free Library book-sharing boxes (#80140)


In July, we discovered what the gold at the end of the rainbow REALLY is when Steward Kimberlee Gard (Library #61870) snapped this perfectly-timed photo.


Also in July, Xavier built “Operation Imagination” (Library #86384) so he could do something positive and give back to his community. It was completely embraced by community members! Upon the launch, “Operation Imaginiation” had a ton visitors who donated books and signed his guest book. Additionally, fellow stewards in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, area have invited him to visit their own book-exchanges, too. Pictured is Xavier with “Operation Imagination,” his book donations, and him sharing those donations at other libraries!


And lastly, Annie from Claremont, California visited her first Little Free Library book-exchange (#47760) this year. We’re just as excited about sharing books too, Annie!

2019 was a great year for #LFLmoments, and we’re eager to learn about more in 2020! Share yours using #LFLMoment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you want to create moments like this in your community, learn how to start a Little Free Library or find a Library near you using the Little Free Library world map!

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