In Minneapolis police and Little Free LibraryMinneapolis, police officers don’t always ride in squad cars—some ride three-wheeled bikes around the city, filling up Little Free Libraries with books!

Bike Cops for Kids, a popular Minneapolis Police Department program established in 2009, has delivered hundreds of free books to Minneapolis neighborhood Libraries. See the officers in action in the video at the bottom of this post.

“We love making sure all the kids have access to new books,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. “We spent the day refilling Little Free Library boxes across north Minneapolis and we gave lots of books to the students at Sojourner Truth Academy.”

In addition to keeping neighborhood Little Free Libraries stocked with books, the Minneapolis Police Department has installed Libraries at several of their precincts and even helped us build 104 Libraries at the Little Free Library Festival in May.

We’re proud to include the Minneapolis Police Department and Bike Cops for Kids in our “Kids, Community, and Cops” initiative, which helps create positive interactions between law enforcement groups and the communities they serve through Little Free Library book exchanges. Other cities that have been successful with the Kids, Community, and Cops program include Los Angeles, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Chattanooga, Milwaukee, and more.

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