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Photos of a Tundra Publishers Takeover, courtesy of The Bicycling Bunny Little Free Library in Chino, CA.

Photos of a Tundra Publishers Takeover, courtesy of The Bicycling Bunny Little Free Library in Chino, CA.

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So, let’s say you’re ready to reach out to a publisher. What do you say?

Veteran LFL steward Eowyn Savela of Bellingham, WA successfully used this email template, which she tailored to each publisher she contacted:

Subject: Little Free Library Takeover


I am the steward of a little free library in Bellingham (check out my library here: http://www.facebook.com/jamesstreetlibrary.)

I’d love to have Sasquatch Books take over my little library for a week, that is, if you’d be so kind as to send some donations my way (smile emoticon). I think it would be really fun to host a local publisher in our hyper-local little library, and, I’d be sure to spread the word via our facebook page.

The James Street Library is located directly across the street from an elementary school in a 100 year old neighborhood called Sunnyland. We are home to a lot of families, college students, and urban chickens. And we all love reading!

Thanks for considering sending some books my way (and thanks for publishing such gorgeous books)!

Cheers, Eowyn Savela

Viel Catig, steward of the Bicycling Bunny Little Free Library in Chino, California, found that some publishers prefer to work with stewards who have a strong social media presence and who have done Takeovers before.

“Last year I got rejected because I was a new steward. This time around, I found out that since I’ve done a few successful takeovers before, they’re willing to do it. [The publishers] really look for stewards who have an active social media presence since they are basically just getting publicity in return…” reported Viel.

Viel has now received books from at least 7 different publishers, and she has kindly shared which publishers she has found to be Takeover-friendly:

Little Brown & Co.

Quirk Books

Sasquatch Books

Riverhead Books

Tundra Books

Groundwood Books

House of Anansi Press

What does a Takeover actually look like? Here is what @LFLofKenmore did for a Library Takeover from Little, Brown and Company:

What if a publisher took over an entire city of Little Free Libraries? Well, it’s been done, and you could do it in your town, too. Click here to see how University of Nebraska Press took over all 6 LFLs in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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