When Sophie shared an adorable video of her dad delightedly counting the number of books that had been taken from his Little Free Library book-sharing box, she probably didn’t expect it to go viral. But since she posted the video to Twitter a few days ago, it’s been viewed more than one million times. When you watch the video, you’ll understand why.


‘My dad just built a neighborhood [Little Free] Library in his fence and is so excited that books have been taken,” Sophie explained in her tweet. In the video her dad delightedly counts the number of books and is a little awe-struck to realize that books have been taken! If you’re a Little Free Library steward, you’ll recognize the awe and happiness of that moment.

Here at the Little Free Library nonprofit, we were thrilled to learn that her dad’s Library is registered and on our world map.  Many people commented on the tweet, asking if they could donate books or money to Sophie’s dad’s Library, but Sophie requested that people donate to support our mission instead. (Learn more about what we do!)


Sophie has since shared an update on her dad’s Library, which now has a solar-powered light to help nighttime visitors who might want to take a book. She also posted a screengrab of a text from her dad assuring her that nothing will change now that he’s an internet sensation, and that the fame hasn’t gone to his head.

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