Honor Wall

Honor your loved one by making an honorary or memorial gift to Little Free Library! When you make an honorary gift of $50 or more, you may share a story on the Honor Wall below. It’s a lasting and heartfelt way to pay tribute to someone special, and it will support Little Free Library’s mission to build stronger communities, improve literacy, and expand book access for all.

In of
Shirley Ligon

Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.

Submitted by Wendell Pierson
In of
Shubha Kumar

In memory of my grandmother, Shubha Kumar, who believed in reading from the time I was born until her last days, when she was even learning Spanish at age 88.

Submitted by Amita Kumar
In of
Mimi Adams

In memory of Mimi Tritt Adams, an avid reader who gave of herself to care for others in so many ways.

Submitted by Tritt Family
In of
William Barker

Bill Barker erected the 2nd Little Free Library in the state of Georgia in honor of his wife Ann – he also erected another one just for kids.

Submitted by Linda Baker
In of
Valerie Tylkowski

In memory of Valerie Tylkowski for her love of reading,

Submitted by Patricia Kierzek
In of
Holly Kasnetz

Happy birthday mom! Thank you for bringing out the bookworm in me and so many others. Love you!

Submitted by Tristan Finazzo
In of
Shirley Torsell

Every year we celebrate the birthday of the namesake of our company, Shirley Torsell. This year, to promote her love of literacy, we are donating to the Little Free Library!

Submitted by Anna Mae Blankemeyer
In of
Matthew Pike

My son Matthew died in 2002. In spite of having dyslexia and other learning disabilities, he loved to read and have me read to him. I miss him every day.

Submitted by Christa King
In of
Edward Quinn

In honor and memory of Edward William Quinn of Wilmington, NC whom passed away May, 19th 2022. He had a passion for books and sharing that passion with others.

Submitted by Gregory Winchester
In Memory of
Kathy Dutton

Kathy was a wonderful mother and raised an amazing daughter, Laura Ries. She was a teacher and dedicated her life to the education of young children. She will be missed.

Submitted by Kari Squire
In Honor of
Wyatt Reed

Happy Birthday

Submitted by Summer Klein
In Memory of
Cameron Gorrie

Cam Gorrie was the site engineer for dyke reconstruction project here. He often checked my LFL for interesting books. He died suddenly in March. He was under 40 years old.

Submitted by John Broeze
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